Hooman Nasiri

Born: 1976, Tehran, Iran

Education: B.A in painting, sooreh art university, Tehran, (1998- 2003)

Member of society iranian painters (aip).

Award: First place prize | from the " Iran, the land of peace.


Solo Exhibitons (1998 - 2019)

Golestan Gallery.I Wore Myself.2019

Golestan Gallery.visualization.2017

Golestan Gallery.From Silence.2016

Golestan Gallery.Lucky Bird.2013

Seyhoun Gallery.From the bird till then.2011

Golestan Gallery.A Bird.2010

Anahita Gallery.To Be.2008

Iranian Artstis Organizition .Purity.2007

Seyhoun Gallery.Four Seasons.2006

Seyhoun Gallery .Isthmus.2004

Seyhoun Gallery.Asylum.2001

Seyhoun Art Gallery.Flight.2000

Fereshteh Art Gallery.Angels.1998


Participate in more than 50 Group Exhibitions

Hooman Nasiri is one of those painters that is not easily contented. In the course of his work process he hesitantly  searches deep inside his mind. He tries to paint the real connection of the beliefs he holds inside. His attention to detail and strong imagination lead him to the hidden horizons of his soul and due to that he creates unique and exclusive paintings.

The artist depicts his struggles; at times his dreams and interests and sometimes all of his actions. He is not after proving anything but is trying to turn his unspoken words into images. Therefore the question of each piece created lies within it and the dialogue between the artist and the viewer is through the image, the colors, the forms and shapes and how they are used; Hooman is very familiar with this process.

The sense of flight has always been with Hooman and at times he experiences it in his angels and other times in his birds. His angels are not tranquil and his birds have been calmed down by the desire to fly. Hooman has no intention of portraying reality but he paints the world the way he feels it and that's what we can clearly see. He paints a portrait the same way he paints his birds and angels and even the space and objects around him. The consistency and unity in his work convince the viewer that he has no other way but to paint them.

In Hooman’s world consciousness and unconsciousness are joined. His views and standards have evolved with him and have never taken place suddenly. His work process has always been stable. His sense of discovery and intuition has led him to explore his views and in conclusion his paintings.

Stability and contemplation in drawing has caused him to become closer and deeper to the essence of his work which has helped him outstandingly in the creation of his pieces. Freedom in his brush strokes, considering his ability to control colour, and the constant use of lines to harness the shapes he uses has given his paintings a strong expression.

Most of his compositions are simple and are far from

structural academic elements because his intuitive beliefs determine how the composition of his paintings should be and for this reason Hooman's compositions follow after his personal aestheticism and are distinguishable.

Hossein Maher